Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Rose for Emily

This story presents an interesting view of the eponymous character. The story paints a portrait of a miserable old maid named Emily, who even at the beginning of the story, shows complete disconnection from the rest of the town. The story is told through the eyes of an anonymous observer, who begins speaking in the present, beginning with her funeral, then jumps into the past to explain her description as a "fallen monument". The narrator explains parts of Emily's past, and how she came to be in the lonesome situation she died in. The narrator explains her father's death, and her subsequent deterioration into a bitter old woman. At her father's death, who had restrained her her entire life, she goes into denial, clinging to the body for several day until the townsfolk intervene. She even descends into seemingly considering suicide. The narrator explains in the story how the people of the town resent her for her isolation, such as rejecting visitors and not paying taxes, and yet a the same time they feel a heavy sympathy for her, repeating the phrase "Poor Emily". She also seems to find a lover in a working foreman, who disappears into her house along with her. The narrator's limited point of view leaves some unanswered questions at the close of the story, leaving the reader to ponder whether the town had in fact misjudged Miss Emily.


Nhart said...
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Nhart said...

Geart review of the story A Rose for Emily. Have you ever heard of a book written by Charles Dickens called Great Expectations? The story is very similar in every point except it's told in the point of view of a young boy who is appointed a benefactor. The benefactor pays for the boy's education. The lady is exactly like Emily and does the same thing with her "lover" I think the story portrays a great deal of oppression of women. It seems that back then a woman had to be married to be a worthy and respectable. lol, times certainly have changed, luckily. I missed class this morning. Did I miss anything worthwhile? Thanks NHart : D

Woody said...

That is a good question if the town has misjudged Emily. They could be misjudging her because she is so quiet and does not interact with the people in her town so they could take it the wrong way. They make assumptions about her that could not be true.